Umbrella Cockatoo



Umbrella Cockatoo

Range: Islands Northwest of New Guinea, also introduced to parts of Indonesia

Habitat: Dense forests to open grasslands.

Natural Diet: Primarily a seed eater.

Diet at Rain Forest: Fresh fruits, vegetables, and seed

Size: 18-20"

Rain Forest Facts: Often nicknamed the "Velcro bird" the umbrella cockatoo is noted for being exceptionally affectionate towards people.  This species of cockatoo may not be as brightly colored as other cockatoos but makes up for it in personality!

RainForest Adventures is home to "Geoffrey" one of the most wonderful Umbrella cockatoos anyone has every met. 

   Geoffrey meeting some RainForest guests!

Status in Wild: Generally stable in most of it's natural range.



RainForest Adventures zoo, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN