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RainForest Field Trip Prep!

Before, During & After Programs

Objective: To provide free support material to educators in an effort to both excite and prepare their students for field trips to the RainForest and beyond!

  Students come in all shapes and sizes! Most of them have an innate desire to learn about the natural world.   As educators you have a great opportunity to help them expand on this natural desire.

The Educational Department of RainForest Adventures is here to help you bring out the best in your students.  We have prepared a Before, During and After program for various grade ranges of students.   You simply have to select the grade range for your class and we will provide you with an applicable package of information to get your students going!  It's that simple. 

We will even email the information directly to your home or classroom! 

WHAT IS BEFORE, DURING & AFTER?  (Click here to be taken directly to program) The purpose of the program is to provide educators at all grade levels with a package of information that can be utilized in the class room prior to your scheduled trip, activities for your students while they are at RainForest as well as in-class activities for your students after visiting the RainForest.  All of this information is to be used at your discretion, you do not need to utilize this information.  It is provided for those educators who wish to enhance the overall experience of the visitor. 


The information is broken down into: K-3 or 4-8 for your convenience.

  • IS THIS PROGRAM FREE?  Yes! As our thanks for booking your group into RainForest Adventures you are encouraged to take advantage of the free support material!

  • CAN I MAKE COPIES OF THE PROGRAM?  Yes you may!  Please feel free to make as many copies of the program as needed for your students.

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My students are in 4-8

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Nature Experiments! 

New at RainForest are some really neat classroom activities that can be used in conjunction with your classes trip to the RainForest!  (or just be themselves, but your missing a really cool trip!)

Experiment # 1....Spider Magic!

Question to be Explored: Why do spiders not stick to their own web?

Objective: Demonstrate the theory that spiders will not stick to their own webs.

Step 1: Take your class out side on a foggy morning (or just after a light rain) in any of the warmer months of the year.  It will be easy to spot spider webs covered in fog or early morning dew.  First try to have each student find the inhabitant of the web. 

  1. Educators Note: This may not always be obvious, some spiders sit in the center of the web while others sit near their amazing creations. 

Step 2: Each student should make as many observations about the spider and it's habitat as possible without actually touching the web or the spider. 

Step 3: Here comes the fun part!  You will need several six inch long pieces of clear tape, and a few ounces of vegetable or corn oil.  First, lay several strips of the clear tape upside down on a table.  Next let each student touch the strips of tape.

  1. Observation: Each students finger will stick to the tape.  This is exactly what happens to each insect that is caught by the web.  The silk spun by the spider contains a very sticky substance similar to the glue on the tape. 

Step 4: Now let each student dip one finger in the vegetable oil and retry the experiment.  The results are a whole lot different!  Each spider produces what amounts to an oil that they secret onto their feet.  This oil prevents the spiders feet from becoming entangled in the web! 

RainForest Science is Cool!!  



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