Spiny Mice




The Egyptian Spiny Mouse is a relative of our very own house mouse right here in the United States.  There are a couple of very fundamental differences between the species. Our mice in the United States have as many as 10-12 babies per clutch, while the spiny mouse will only give birth to 2-4 young at a time. 

Living in the desert, the mouse must conserve everything. Water is not as readily available to the rodents as it is in the United States. As a result, the spiny mouse is much less likely to drink as much fluid, choosing instead to get moisture from the food it eats.   

Range: North Africa, Egypt

Natural Diet: Omnivorous, insects and plants

Diet at RainForest: Prepared zoo diet supplemented with insects

Size: Mouse sized mammal. 

Status in Wild: Stable

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This species is not currently on exhibit at RainForest