Range: South America

Habitat: Open Grasslands 

Natural Diet: Rheas eat fruits, seeds, growing shoots of plants, insects, other small animals, and animal droppings.

Diet at RainForest: Fresh vegetables, dry dog food, protein supplements

Size: 60" tall up to 70 pounds 



RainForest Facts:  Rheas are a large flightless bird from South America.  Unlike the Emu they actually have wings, the wings are not used for flight but come in handy for several other functions. 

The rhea can be a very prolific bird, up to 60 eggs can be laid by a single female bird in a season.  Nesting and egg laying at RainForest typically takes place in June and July. 

 Unlike most birds, it is actually the male rhea that sits on the eggs. 

A male builds a nest from grasses, twigs and other organic debris and creates a depression for the eggs to rest in.

Rheas are generally a combination of black and grey colors, but on occasion a white rhea is hatched.