Red Lored Amazon




Range: Mexico into Northern South America

Habitat: Open woodlands to dense tropical forests

Natural Diet: Seeds and fruit

Diet at Rain Forest: Fresh fruits daily with seed supplements.

Size: 6-9"

Rain Forest Facts: One of he smaller of the Amazons, this pretty bird can develop a fairly strong vocabulary. 

The Red Lored Amazon can be seen over a wide range of woodland and open habitat.  Though they are in decline due to deforestation and trapping for the pet trade. 

They can be seen in flocks of up to 100 birds.  They are noisy birds and can be heard far and wide in the spring as they come in to their breeding season.

Their diet consists of fruit, nuts, and seed.

They nest in hollows in trees or palm stumps.  A normal clutch is 3-4 eggs.


Status in Wild: Declining due primarily to loss of habitat. Captive breeding programs have drastically reduced the number of birds taken from the wild to supply the pet industry, but this has largely been offset by continued loss of habitat. 






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