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RainForest Adventures Milestones

1999,  Bill Lucey Incorporates RainForest Adventures in Tennessee

2000, July - 2.2 Acres of land acquired in Sevierville, TN

2000, September - Ground Breaking on 15,000 square foot primary RainForest building

2001, June 16th - RainForest opens it's doors for the first visitors

2002, November First Mammals arrive at RainForest, Ring-tail Lemurs

2003, RainForest is joined by Nairobi, the African Serval

2005, Baby Coatimundis are born to two pairs of adults  

2005, Giant Water Monitor Arrives in New Home 

2006, RainForest announces intent to add new Australian exhibits, puts contracts up for bid.

 2007, September 17th, ground breaking begins on New Smoky Mountain Resorts Aussie Walkabout!  Expected opening date April 2008

2008, April 1st, Smoky Mountain Resorts Aussie Walkabout Opens!

2008, May 5th   500,000th guest visits RainForest!

2008, July 24th First baby Rhea hatched in the new Aussie Walkabout

2009, January 10th  RainForest hatches clutch of over 50 baby reticulated pythons. 

2010, April RainForest crew begins construction on new South American Monkey exhibit

2010, August 22nd  RainForest welcomes six new Black Cap Capuchin Monkeys

2010, August  RainForest welcomes Niles, male Serval from the Columbus Zoo

2010, September 17th  Male capuchin monkey born to newly arrived troop.  His name is Calvin. 

2011, February 14th, Male capuchin monkey born, named Valentine

2011, March 15th,  twin baby Ring tail lemurs born, named Batman and Robin

2011, June 14th, RainForest celebrates it's 10th Anniversary

2011  July 20th, 750,000th Guest visits RainForest

2012 November, RainForest hosts 8th annual ZAA conference

2013 March, Cotton Top Tamarins arrive at RainForest!

2013 October, Baby Cotton Top Tamarin born at RainForest.

2013 November, Zoo and Aquarium Buyers Group hosts mixer at RainForest

2013 December, 1,000,000 guest visits RainForest!! 

2014 January, Golden Headed Lion Tamarins arrive at RainForest