Range: Australia, introduced into other locations around the world

Habitat: Open grassland species

Natural Diet: Seed eaters, grazers.  Will eat a variety of fresh greens and plant matter.

Diet at Rain Forest: Variety of prepared budgerigar seed diet, fresh greens, and fruit.

Size: up to 12" Many color variations of the common parakeet are now produced in captive populations. 

Rain Forest  Facts: The parakeet is one of the most beloved cage birds kept in homes around the world. 

These endearing animals can make a wonderful addition to the family!  The parakeet can actually develop a vocabulary of human words and whistles!

Status in Wild: Very common in much of its natural range, some populations of wild parakeets have become established in warm climates of Florida and other non-native habitats after becoming introduced as a result of unwanted pets.










RainForest Adventures zoo, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN