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Rain Forest Adventures is proud to offer a truly unique line of Hot Sauces produced in Costa Rica.  These unique condiments make a great gift for you, or someone you know who loves hot sauce, or Iguanas! (but not necessarily in that order, and certainly not in conjunction with each other!..not that there's anything wrong with that.)

We can ship any of the following hot sauces directly to you or gift wrapped to any address in the United States!

Each gift order will be sent with an Iguana Greeting Card printed on recycled paper, simply send us the name and address of the individual you would like the gift sent to and we will take care of the rest!


 Iguana Red Cayenne Pepper SauceThis stuff is the result of years of misadventure by our under qualified staff of hooligans who would otherwise be unemployed Jimmy Buffett fans, looking for cool lizards, weird rocks, and stuff...There's treasure every where!

One quite morning in Miami I was trying to remember the evening before when two brothers from Long Island sat down for some scrambled eggs and a little conversation...fortunately David had some aspirin....the rest is history....they were Marginal Creatures at best!

One of my jungle adventures involved an overly curious howler monkey, a sack full of cayenne peppers and a very hungry green iguana, the latter of whom did not see the humor in the situation, ah.. but you had to be there.  Single engine plane is the only way in, but not the only way out!

Large 5 oz. Bottle $3.99 (Item #681)

Great on meats, eggs, name it.  A great tasting hot sauce in a really neat package.


A Little advise from your ole' Uncle Bill...Never drink the local rum on an empty stomach.  Second bit of advise, don't ever drink and play with wild iguanas, especially the large green ones.   Iguana Mean Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce So this buddy of mine grabs this lunker iguana by the tail and what do you think the lizard does...whips around and bites him on the nose!  Ouchywawa!!....I say.. "Hey Leider that's gonna leave a mark!".  His nose resembles raw hamburger and there are no qualified medical personnel (not counting Norm the bartender) available on the border of Guatemala and Belize, who'd have figured that?  Our only option appeared to be finishing the bottle of rum.

Large 5 oz. Bottle $3.99 (Item #672)

Use on anything!  Fish, meat, Tacos, Burritos etc..etc.


Bee Sting Mango Pepper Sauce

Our plane touched down in Miami on a warm January day, leaving Chicago and the snow far behind. Dave and I headed for the unknown adventures of a Caribbean cruise!  We had not even heard of a couple of our ports-of-call before leaving the sheltered life of the Midwest  behind, but no matter, we had just the things you need on a trip like open mind and an incredibly tolerant stomach. I can guarantee you to this day they are still desperately trying to restock the rum and hot sauces on that boat, and have yet to stop playing that one song we requested over and over again in the Reggae lounge!   Bee Sting Rainforest Honey Mustard

As rare and seductive as a tropical rainforest, this sweet and creamy, pour able honey mustard contains a hint of papaya as well as the tiniest little habanero surprise to keep you on your toes. Great on sandwiches, or with chicken, pork or shrimp, Bee Sting Rainforest Honey Mustard is all-natural, too! (Try the thicker, spread able version in a 9 oz. jar.)

Large 5 oz. Bottle $3.99 (Item # 671)

Gift Paks of the GOOD STUFF

Screamin Hot Iguana Three Pak. Screaming Hot Iguanas Three-PackGreat Gift pak of three of our most popular hot sauces packed in a great wooden case.  A perfect gift. 

Item # 2343    $18.99





Original Bland-AidŽ Five-PackOriginal Bland-Aid¨ Five-Pack The five-pack features Tamarindo Bay Steak Sauce, Pirates Blend Caribbean Condiment, Iguanas Red, Green and XXX Pepper Sauces, all packed in a handmade wooden gift crate with some very cool recipe cards. 5-5 oz. bottles

Item #2344        $24.99 


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