Hissing Cockroach





Range: Madagascar

Habitat: Moist regions of Madagascar

Natural Diet: Vegetation , fruit and some protein

Diet at RainForest: Vegetable matter , supplemented with cat food.

Size: 2-4"'  

Rainforest Facts: Fossil records indicate the cockroach has been on earth for at least 350 million years, these incredibly successful creatures live in all warm regions of the world.  Contrary to popular myth the cockroach does not spread disease, but is capable of producing allergic reactions in certain people.  The Madagascar hissing cockroach appears to give birth to live babies, in fact the female retains the eggs in her body and allows them to develop there.  Known for their ability to make an audible noise the hissing roach is now commonly kept as a pet!

Amazing Cockroach Facts!

  • Cockroaches can live up to one month without food!

  • There are over 3,000 species of cockroaches on earth!

  • Roaches smell & feel using their antennae

  • Cockroaches spend most of their time resting

Status in Wild: Stable (too stable for some!)