Golden Tamarin




Range: Eastern Brazil, Atlantic Coastal Forests

Habitat:  This species has a narrow range of acceptable habitats in the coastal forests of Minas Geras, Brazil. This is the northernmost of all species of lion tamarins. 

Natural Diet: Insects and tree sap make up a large portion of the diet year round, ripened fruit is a favorite when available.  

Diet at Rain Forest: Prepared monkey chow with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Crickets and other small insects are a treat!

Size: 7-12" average size for males, females slightly smaller.  Males may weigh up to 1.5 pounds, with females weighing slightly less.

RainForest Facts: One of the smallest primate species on earth, the Golden Headed Lion Tamarin is one of four members of the lion tamarin group. 

This, and all other lion tamarins, posses claw like finger nails vs. the flat nails found on other species of primates.

Status in Wild: Endangered, numbers in the wild are estimated to be less than 4,000 animals.