Fieldtrip Itinerary






Arrive RainForest

(As scheduled by educator)  (Approx 10 minutes)

  • Bus is greeted by RainForest staff member; group leader is identified and informed of itinerary. 
  • Student head count is taken by school staff
  • Students are allowed access to restrooms as required.
  • Free parking for buses and all parent vehicles. 


Educational Presentation 

Approximately 45 minutes 

  • 45 Minute live presentation by Zookeeper. 
  • Cameras and Video Cameras are approved for educators
  • Question and Answer period at show completion if time allows.
  • Students released to view exhibits.


Exhibit Viewing

Approx 40 minutes*

  • Students view exhibits
  • Students may complete scavenger hunt information as provided by RainForest or by educator.  
  • *Any special activities scheduled by educator may extend this time. (i.e. animal feedings by RainForest Staff, etc.)


Amazon Traders

Approx 15 minutes

  • Students are allowed to shop the Amazon Traders gift shop
  • Many products support, and are crafted by indigenous peoples of Africa, South America, and Central America. 


Depart RainForest

Approx 10 minutes

  • Head Count taken by Educators
  • Students re-board bus for departure


 See you next year!


 Total Field Trip Time is Approximately 2 Hours at RainForest Adventures


Any Questions please contact our Educational Department at 865.428.4091 or we may be reached on the web at


RainForest Adventures zoo, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN