Double Yellow




Range: Pacific Mexico Coast

Habitat: Coastal plains to dense forests

Natural Diet: Seeds and fruit

Diet at Rain Forest: Fresh fruit and vegetables daily with seed supplements

Size: 12-16"

Rain Forest Facts: The Double Yellow Headed Amazon, also know as 'the Double Yellow Head' or 'Yellow Headed Amazon', is a friendly parrot. He is known to get along quite well with other birds and truly enjoys human companionship. The friendly behavior of the domestic Double Yellow Head clearly stems from the fact that in the wild this is a very social bird. In the wild, this bird is seen living in large groups. Sometimes the groups will exceed numbers of 100 or more! In addition to being friendly, this bird is also faithful and will form lifelong bonds with its mate in the wild. Being a social creature, the Double Yellow Head, like many Amazons, is a vocal parrot.

One of the largest Amazons, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon will reach 15-16 inches (38-41cm) at maturity. His wingspan averages eight to nine inches (205-235mm). The most distinguishing feature of the Double Yellow Headed is his bright yellow head. The yellow coloring does not reside merely on the top of the head, lores, or nape, but covers his entire head, extending to the sides and back of his head, as well as to his throat.

Most of his body is covered in green feathers that are often tipped in black. The green feathers, which cover his body, are often mixed with yellow and some even exhibit a reddish margin. The yellow feathers are generally more prominent in males than females. The breast and abdomen typically possess no yellow feathers and are generally only green. In addition to a yellow head and random yellow feathers, the inside of the Yellow Head's thighs are also yellow, and pretty red feathers are generally seen in the bend of the wing, also mixed with yellow. This gives a very striking effect when the wings are opened to their full glory.

Originating in the Pacific slope of Mexico, specifically Colima, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon is also seen in Guerrero and Michoacan (western region). In spite of his Mexican origins, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon is commonly seen in households all over the world. He is one of the most popular among all the Amazon species

Status in Wild: Endangered, substantial loss of habitat coupled with illegal exportation to support pet market has led to drastic declines in wild populations of this parrot. 

Many thousands are illegally exported from Mexico and some from Belize each year, and it is popular in domestic markets. In Belize, it is hunted and persecuted for damaging crops. Habitat loss has been extensive, with 80% of the Tamaulipas lowlands cleared for agriculture and pasture, and increasing settlement along the Western highway in Belize





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