Range: Australia

Habitat: Open grasslands and lightly forested areas the cockatiel is an adaptable species.

Natural Diet: Primarily a seed eater

Diet at Rain Forest: Wide variety of fresh seeds and greens.

Size: 8-12 inches

Keepers Notes: In the wild the cockatiel often shares its natural range with the budgie, or parakeet.  Ranging through open grasslands and lightly forested areas these two species share much in common.  The availability of fresh water helps determine where these birds live, during time of drought their numbers can become quite concentrated around the remaining sources of fresh water. 

Nest building and mating normally occur during the rainy season.  The fledging of the new baby birds coincides with plenty of food and water available for the new babies!

The Cockatiel is a very popular pet bird around the world.  Many color varieties of the Cockatiel are now bred by enthusiasts worldwide.

Status in Wild: Very stable in majority of range




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