Button Quail




Range: Northern Australia to South East Asia & Africa

Habitat:  Tends to favor grasslands and lightly forested areas. 

Natural Diet:  Seeds, greens, grasses

Diet at Rain Forest: Prepared game bird diet supplemented with fresh greens.

Size: 3-4 inches

RainForest Facts:  These ground dwelling birds seldom fly, they tend to jump more when frightened than to actually fly.   Females lay clutches of eggs that can number in excess of 12.  The eggs hatch after a relatively short incubation of only 12-13 days (compare to common chicken at 21 days) with the babies capable of leaving the next in less than 20 days.  

The female and the male are nearly the same size. 

They tend to feed in much the same way a chicken would, scratching about on the forest floor in search of a tasty morsel.  Button Quail are equally happy to find a small grub or worm as they are to find a seed or some fresh grass sprouts. 

Predators in the wild range from birds of prey, to snakes and lizards.  These small birds have a fairly high reproductive rate to help offset the fact that they wind up on the dinner menu for so many predators.

Status in Wild: Least concern