Booking Tips




Rain Forest Adventures has grown into a very popular destination for students of all ages. 

With the success of our fieldtrip programs comes the challenges of making your students experience as beneficial and fun as possible.

The following are helpful tips to ensure you get the time and date you need for your group. 

As always if you have any special requests please just ask and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs!

  • RainForest Adventures is primarily an indoor facility, it is 76 degrees year round!  You can book with confidence in even the coldest months of the year.  We close on Christmas day only.  You can never be "rained or snowed out"   Scheduling a trip during January or February is perfectly acceptable, even highly recommended to avoid the late spring crowds.
  •  In order to ensure your group the maximum enjoyment we limit the number of students on any given day.  To avoid disappointment please try to book as early in the school year as possible.  (The months of April and May are often difficult to obtain a date if you wait too late in the year.)
  • We can open earlier than 9:00 A.m. by special request if your group can arrive earlier.  This may open up a time slot on an otherwise "sold-out" day.  Please inquire if this may be applicable to your group.
  • If you are traveling from out of state we can arrange to stay open later than the stated 5:00 P.M. close, Please inquire.
  • Booking your lunch programs through RainForest can save you money and headaches.  We will place the call to the applicable eatery and confirm your date and time. We will include the confirmation information concerning your lunch directly on your RainForest Adventures confirmation. 
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT Please take advantage of the free programs that will help you prepare your students for their trip!

And remember any questions just email 'em! 



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