Blue & Gold Macaw






Range: Tropical South America

Habitat: Dense tropical forests

Natural Diet: Fruits and seeds

Diet at Rain Forest: Wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables supplemented with fresh seed mixture

Size: Females and males are very difficult to tell apart. (monomorphic) Both sexes are up to 30 inches long with tail feathers.

Rain Forest Facts: A large and colorful bird, the Blue & Gold Macaw, is monomorphic, simply meaning that zookeepers cannot tell the males from the females by any visible means.  The two sexes are identical from an external perspective, only a blood or DNA test will reveal the boys from the girls! 

RainForest Adventures is now home to 8 Blue and Gold Macaws!

Status in Wild: Numbers are declining due to over collection for both the illegal pet trade as well as loss of habitat. 


RainForest Adventures zoo, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge TN