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For Immediate Release   9/15/07

RainForest Adventures Announces 17,000 Square Foot Expansion.  Breaking ground in September of 2007 Rainforest management expects new exhibits to be open by April of 2008.

With six full years of operation under their belts the management team of RainForest Adventures decided it was time to really grow!  Beginning September 17th, of 2007 the ambitious Aussie Walkabout expansion got under way. 

Anchored by two major exhibits including a 5,000 square foot "Parakeet Paradise", a walk through aviary that allows guests to feed and interact with over 500 Australian birds, and a "Wallaby Walkabout"


For Immediate Release 1/21/07

RainForest Adventures plans for the arrival of 500 Australian Budgies!  RainForest Adventures confirms the impending arrival of 500 captive bred Australian birds for inclusion in the new immersive Walk Through Aviary. 

Today RainForest Adventures confirmed orders with their suppliers for 500 captive born Australian Budgies.  The birds are slated to arrive on March 15th, while the media will be allowed to participate in the release of the birds in their new habitat the general public will have to patiently wait their turn while the new arrival adjust from a 1,200 mile plane flight from West Texas. 

The baby birds will be approximately 12 weeks in age when arriving at RainForest and will have been weaned from their respective parents for over 4 weeks prior to shipping.  The little birds will leave the San Antonio International airport in Texas at approximately 8:00 A.m., weather permitting.  The new arrivals should land in Knoxville at McGee Tyson airport at approximately 4:00 P.M. where they will be met by RainForest staff and checked for food and water. 

A one hour van ride later and the birds will arrive in their new permanent home at RainForest!