Baby Hedgehogs




  • Hedgehog babies are born with soft hair that turns into sharp barbed hairs in approximately two weeks. 
  • The average litter for a female hedgehog is 4-5 babies.  
  • Young females may have as few as one or two, with experienced, and very healthy moms having up to seven.
  • Female hedgehogs are generally ready to breed by the time they are eight months old. 
  • Gestation for the African Dwarf hedgehog generally runs around 36 days. 
  • Female Hedgehogs can be quite nervous moms, try your best to limit looking at the babies or disturbing the female with loud noises and bright lights for at least 10 days.


  • The little babies are first seen moving about in their nestbox at about six days of age, our staff at RainForest will first begin to handle the babies at about 12 days old.                   By handling the babies at such a young age we begin to let the little ones know that people are their friends!
  • Babies are typically weaned by the time they reach six weeks of age.  Larger litters can slightly postpone this time. 
  • In the wild the little hedgehogs would begin to venture farther and farther from the nest each night, by about the eighth week after birth they would establish their own nesting area and feeding range, never returning to mom.