Fun Zoo Facts



Adult Lions may sleep up to 20 hours per day!   Males may sleep more than females

Sounds like some kids I know!


Each Zebra stripe pattern is as unique as a human fingerprint.

The stripes confuse predators!


A group of Kangaroos is called a mob.

A baby kangaroo is called a Joey!

A newborn kangaroo is about the size of a pea!


A Rhino horn is not a true horn that is attached to the skull. 

The "horn" grows from the skin and is made from the same material as your finger nails!


Baby hippos can swim the minute they are born, which is a good thing considering they are born underwater!


The Alligator has to swallow it's food whole.  They cannot chew.  In order to soften their food an alligator will actually hold the meal under water for up to 3 days before eating


Elephants are the only animal that cannot jump. 

The female elephant is in charge of the herd!


Male monkeys lose the hair on top of their heads just like people do!


Hyenas are more closely related to cats than they are dogs!


The vampire bat has good family values.  Females will not only care for their own young, but will actually adopt orphans!


A porcupine does not "Shoot" it's quills.  Instead the modified hairs simply are pushed into a potential predator and get stuck in the victim.

The African Crested Porcupine may weigh up to 50 pounds  

Baby Pythons are born with an extra tooth that only stays with the snake for a few days, the egg tooth is used to slice open it's egg and is then discarded by the baby snake.
An adult Giraffe will only sleep for about 30 min. per day!