Pet Rats


Range: Worldwide distribution

Habitat:  Wild rats prefer agricultural areas with plenty of water and food

Natural Diet: Grains, seeds and other organic matter

Diet at Rain Forest: Prepared rodent diet supplemented with fresh produce

Size: Body 5-7 inches, 8-12 with tail.  Males can be substantially larger than female rats

RainForest Facts: One of the most adaptable animals on earth, the common, or Norway brown rat has found its way into virtually every type of structure and habitat on earth. 

Possessing a long tail the rat is easily distinguishable from its cousin the mouse by shear size.   Originating in Asia the common rat has been quite successful in utilizing human activity to increase its range. 

Traveling the world on sailing ships as far back as the 8th century, this rodent has proven to be amazingly adaptable.

Status in Wild: Least concern