Range: Eastern Brazil, south of the Amazon river

Habitat:  This species has a wide range of acceptable habitats, including riverine, and Atlantic coastal forests.

Natural Diet: Insects and tree sap make up a large portion of the diet year round.  Marmosets prefer fruit when abundant in season.

Diet at Rain Forest: Prepared monkey chow with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Crickets and other small insects are a treat!

Size: 7" average size for males, females slightly smaller.

RainForest Facts: One of the smallest primate species on earth.  The marmoset family is comprised of more than 20 recognized species.  Possessing a tail that is quite long for their small size, these monkeys are quite at home in a vast array of habitats.  

Status in Wild: In spite of intense pressure from humans competing for land, this species is still considered "Least Concern" by the IUCN.