Green Toad





Range: This species and its various subspecies can be found in much of Northern Africa north to mainland Europe.

Habitat: Given the extreme size of the natural range this species can be found in many varied habitats.  But as is the case with all amphibians a source of water is preferred by this toad.

Natural Diet: Insects of all types

Diet at Rain Forest: Primarily crickets and worms of various types

Size: 3-5" 

RainForest Facts: Given the extreme size of this toads natural range it can be found in Europe east of the Rhine River, and includes the southern tip of Sweden, the Balearic islands, Corsica, Sardinia, western Asia, including Iran, Mongolia and China, southwestern Asia and the Arabian peninsula. Also found in northern Africa, Libya, and of course, Morocco.

With virtually all toads and frogs, a nocturnal life style is the choice. 

Status in Wild:  Stable.  Listed as a species of least concern