Cotton Tops




Range: North Western Columbia, South America

Habitat: Dense Tropical Forests  

Natural Diet: Fruit and insects. 

Diet at Rain Forest: Fresh fruits and vegetables supplemented various insects, prepared monkey biscuits.  The Cotton tops at RainForest really enjoy a cricket from time to time!

Size: Males and females are virtually identical in size, they both are approximately 6-8 inches tall, with long tails.


RainForest Facts One of the rarest species of primates on earth. 

The Cotton Top is at home in the dense jungles of northwestern Columbia near the border with Panama. 

A very vocal species of primate, these amazing little monkeys have developed an extensive "language" of chirps and other sounds that allow troop members to communicate with each other.

While they posses a long tail it is not prehensile, the tail is used to help balance the animals high in the forest canopy.  

Cotton tops are losing their habitat to the usual list of suspects, hydroelectric dams, palm oil plantations, cattle farming and logging.  This has broken the jungle into fragmentations that have not only destroyed the suitable habitat but have restricted movements by the Tamarins between suitable feeding grounds as various tree species bear fruit. 

Cotton Top troops may consist of as many as a dozen animals. 

The dominant pair is the only pair that will produce babies in the troop, Cotton Tops generally have twins, while occasionally having triplets!